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my Books my Books Miracle of Love This is Tomas's story. He is left to raise his three year old daughter after losing his parents and wife. He inherits his father's law firm and tries to start anew. He finds love and tragedy as he moves forward. Read to find out more on Tomas's and Sarah's new beginnings. 203896061 Struggle for my Soul When Shelley's boyfriend dies, all Hell breaks loose. He and other Friends have to fight to save her soul from the evil that wants to claim her. Find out what demons await her and what her future holds. 203896002 Two Little Souls, one Big Decision Two Little Souls, One Big Decision is a continuation of struggle for my Soul. Shelley and Joel continue to be threatened by the demons that want her soul and possibly her babies. There are twist in this story that weren't there before. See what decisions are made to keep Shelley and Joel's family safe 203896001 New York Bound New York Bound is a series of 4 books, involving the life of a young woman, moving from Georgia to New York. Pursuing her dream of going to NYC. She find a roommate, the love of her life, sadness, danger, and happiness. If you enjoy reading about this things you will love this book. 206162191 As She Lives and Breathes This is the second book in the Crisitibell Series. Cristibell is in her Sophomore year of college, she is finding herself, and her friends lives are becoming more complicated. Her relationships are deepening and jealousy rears it's ugly head. Her friends life is at stake, and relationships are at risk. 195320828 Changes are Inevitable This is the third book in The Cristibell Series. It follow Cristibell and her friends lives into their Junior Year. Cristibell's life becomes more intense with an intruder coming back into Casey's life. Changes are made in the dynamics of their lives. 195320832 Cristibell's Happile Ever After This is the fourth book in my Cristibell Series. It gives closure to; Brady and Liza, Luke and Twyla, Cristibell and Casey. It also has a surprise for Sam, and Brady has more intense drama thrown at him. 197114935 The Boy and his Myssterious Powers It is about a nine year old boy who finds a medallion in the woods while playing and starts to display superpowers such as speed and strength. His parents as well as his aunt and uncle discover this and find out that the place he found the medallion was also where there had been people before with special powers. Government agents find out about this and seek to test the boy's powers to find out more about him. He is joined by one of the people with special powers, and with her help, his family and the government finally come to an agreement about his training and possible involvement with the government in the future 199134472 The Power of Three This is a continuation of The Boy and his Mysterious Powers. Waylan and Joe have entered middle school. Waylan's powers continue to change as he continues to train and fight crime. He has also met a girl, and finds out she has super powers, too. 206162196 Resue of the Unicorns A little girl's dream becomes a fantasy world full of magical creatures. She is their queen, and she and her court must rescue the unicorn babies from orcs and ogres. She also must reclaim their castle from a wicked witch. 197115036 The Fuzzy Bear The book is about a little boy and his fuzzy bear. It is told through the bears eyes of the little boy and his days spent together. 199134367 Betty the Giraffe This book is about a baby giraffe who lives the zoo. She is in need of a friend. McKenna makes friends with the giraffe while she finds out she can talk to animals. 199134373 Tales of the Donkey My name is Oliver and I am the donkey Jesus rode on once. I came to help children with their emotions, and dealing with problems. This book is about bullying. 206162190 Oliver's Christmas Story The Christmas Story told by Oliver the Donkey. 206180384 Pre-School Learning to Read and Count Getting help with numbers, counting, and colors. the fun way. 203896003 Preescolar Aprendizaje a leer y Contar Getting help with numbers, counting, and colors. the fun way in Spanish. 206162195 'Tis the Season Jasmine has had a change in her life and is now finding her true self. This is a short story of a chance meeting and a love blossoming. 206162193 Strike If you like stories of love at first sight, this erotic short story is for you. Kingpin and Jodi find each other when they both join a bowling league. Jodi falls for Kingpin the first time she sees him, but thinks there is competition from one of his teammates, not knowing he has eyes only for her. Read to see what happens. 206162192 206491837 206491839